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Who we are

Who we are

Welcome to ONWARD + UPWARD! If you’re starting to think about the college process for your student, you’ve come to the right place.

The college process isn’t just about applications or choosing schools. It is a months- and often years-long process of connecting a student’s desires and potential with the right set of schools. The process of finding the “right-fit” matches (yes, there should be more than one dream school!) takes a combination of introspection, open-mindedness and conversation.


ONWARD + UPWARD brings together the components of this process with super-customized approaches for each student. We value the conversations and believe that collaboration brings individualized results. Our proprietary tools and frameworks create a thorough but unique experience for each student, allowing their needs to come through. And our experience – bringing the college perspective to both students and parents for a deeper understanding of the current college landscape – provides the best outcomes for all our clients.

What we do

What we do

If you’re a parent “of a certain age,” you’ll remember the relative simplicity of applying to college in the ’80s and ’90s: Choose 5-6 schools (or maybe just one if you were aiming for your state school), type a couple essays on your electric typewriter or word processor (!), submit your test scores and transcript and…wait! Most of us found out in April where we’d been admitted and could compare apples to apples. This process happened without much input from anyone, much less a formally designated college counselor.

The college process has changed.

The Common App. Early Decision. Early Action. Restricted Early Action. ED2. Rolling Admission. (SO…MANY…DUE DATES!) Test optional. Covid. A more diverse society with access to college. A college education is simultaneously more out of reach financially yet more desired – a necessity for almost any career path. All of these factors have conspired to make the college process intense for students and stressful for parents.

But it doesn’t have to be. Having an impartial third-party guide can take the pressure off, allowing your student to explore options and find the right fit.

The college process can and should be FUN – it's a process of self-discovery, self-knowledge and ultimately empowerment, often the first time a teenager has been asked about herself. Happy outcomes are in large part a factor of being open-minded and realistic, and my role is to guide the self-reflection that ultimately leads to a mature choice of options and possibilities – probably including some that you wouldn’t even have thought of at the beginning of our time together.

How it works

How it works

There are two sides to the college process: science and art. Yes, there’s data, number crunching and project management, but there’s also conversation and consultation; when done thoughtfully and with intent, the combination makes for a seamless process.


There are also “seasons” – certain things to discuss and achieve during sophomore, junior and senior years, and of course standardized testing (if your student chooses this option), test prep, essay writing, visiting schools, interviews, etc. All of these moving parts have to be managed and mastered to create a successful outcome.

In general, a thorough college process includes –

  • In-depth interviews with student – and, separately, with parents – to assess needs and set goals

  • Advisor as “buffer” between student and parents, advocating for student while understanding parents’ hopes and dreams too

  • Identifying student's passions, aptitudes and priorities

  • Academic, social-emotional and possibly career assessments

  • Educational and personal histories, including transcript, standardized test scores and any other educational testing

  • Mentoring throughout the discernment process and encouraging growth both in and out of the classroom

  • Evaluating course load and extracurriculars to align with college goal

  • Supporting parents as their child becomes more independent

  • Open-minded outlook by students and parents re: needs, location, size, happiness – all factors that go into choosing a school

  • Identifying appropriate “right-fit” schools for initial and then pared-down list

  • Preparation and logistics for effective college visits

  • Project management: tracking timelines and deadlines, “keeping the train rolling”

  • Supporting students during the application process

  • All aspects of essay writing: choice of topic(s), writing strategies, feedback, revisions and understanding the colleges’ perspective

  • Conversation about paying for college & referral to specialist if this is a high priority for your family

  • Regular communication from our first meeting through final college decision

  • Most importantly, supporting the student at every step of the way! I’m your child’s biggest fan


You’ll see many of these themes repeated in ONWARD + UPWARD’s packages and in the wording of our contract.


At the end of the process, students will know themselves well and have the confidence (and courage!) to choose the school that’s right for them – not the “most popular” school, not the “most prestigious” school, not where their friend is going. Instead, a mature, considered choice based on months or years of diligent work leading to a happy and satisfied outcome for student and family.

About Ann
ann photo maybe_edited.jpg

About Ann

I come by this work honestly – and with genuine, deep interest in all sides of the college equation.


After years working at a Bay Area nonprofit that funded many education-focused and college success organizations, I was shocked by the disparity between my own children’s college process and the lack of resources for underserved – but bright and equally deserving – students. Digging deeper led to a position in UC Berkeley’s undergraduate admissions office, holistically reading thousands of applications. It’s the most grueling yet rewarding work I’ve ever done and provided real insight into how colleges view applicants and where teens are at mentally, emotionally and academically in this fraught moment.


After completing Cal’s highly regarded College and Career Counseling Program in record time, I’ve been working with all kinds of students, and I’m very proud to devote time to first-gen, underserved high school seniors in San Francisco and Marin counties. It’s truly an honor and privilege to get to know this amazing group of future leaders!

As for my own educational path: public high school in Southern California, BA from Brown University, MBA from UCLA, college counseling certificate from UC Berkeley. For more information, feel free to visit my LinkedIn profile. (And where are my kids? They’ve each followed their bliss to their dream schools: the University of Chicago, Washington & Lee University, Swarthmore College and University of St. Andrew’s - Scotland.)

When I’m not working with your student (or reading a book or listening to a podcast about college admissions), you can find me hiking in the Presidio or at Land’s End, or walking my Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, Scotch, at Baker Beach.

The O+U Difference

The Onward + Upward difference

As the mom of three thriving college students, I've been through it myself – successfully, with super happy kids and sanity intact – and combine my love of working with teenagers with the following experience to give your child a positive college process: 

  • I work personally with each student – I’m not farming out your child to a team

  • I’ve worked with 100+ students – name a GPA between 2.0 and 5.0, I’ve been there

  • Former UC Berkeley admissions reader – I’ve read close to 2,500 applications (that's more than 10,000 essays!)

  • Admissions work at Brown University and UCLA

  • College admissions advisor at renowned community-based organization 10,000 Degrees – I love working with public school students

  • Certificate in College Admissions & Career Planning from UC Berkeley, where I serve on the program's Advisory Board 

  • Member, IECA (Independent Educational Consultants Association) – this affiliation gives me access to advice and information from seasoned college counselors across the U.S.

  • Member, WACAC (Western Association for College Admission Counseling) – giving me access to more specific knowledge about college admissions in California and the West

  • Graduate, The Student Athlete Advisors' counselor course – I am trained in counseling prospective college athletes and understand the unique challenges and demands this demographic faces


I truly love working with teenagers. It's not random that I've chosen to work with this age group; after all, educational counselors work with students of all ages, but this age – finishing high school, entering college – is really special. It can be full of joy, heartbreak, self-discovery, figuring out who you are, what environment you thrive in, who you want your friends to be…and many more emotions and milestones.


Being a teenager has always been filled with possibility and perhaps a sense of confusion, but teenagers today face a difficult landscape (more than the typical highs and lows that we might recall) – and I experienced that first-hand, reading 10,000+ personal essays that often talked about how hard it is to be a teenager.


I feel privileged to work with students at this important juncture in their lives, making the process seamless, and to help families maintain positive relationships through what can be a stressful time.


I have a soft spot for teen boys who can sometimes be left behind in this process compared to their more mature female classmates (yes, science shows that girls are, on average, two years ahead in brain maturity). Teen girls in general have higher executive functioning; boys may need a little more support to get through the process. I’ve sat with kids as they push the “send” button on their applications – if that’s needed to get your child over the finish line, I’m there!


Applying to college can be an exciting turning point – it’s so rewarding to watch students blossom and mature into the adults they will soon become.


P.S. I’m surprised how many college advisors have not been through the college process themselves (as parents) and/or don’t know any teenagers outside of their work life. As a mom of three, I’ve lived the college process with kids who each wanted something very different…and got their dream schools.


Services / Pricing

Cruise around the web a bit and you’ll find many college counselors but almost none that openly share their fees with you; instead: “Contact us for more information!” Honesty and openness is key to the college process, so when I launched ONWARD + UPWARD, I committed to openly sharing the cost of this investment – and it IS an investment – with you.

All-inclusive packages make the process easier for everyone. You know what’s included, and I can devote appropriate attention to each student. Hourly consulting is available, but “package” clients have preference for meeting dates on the calendar.

I work with a limited number of students each year. While I have a stable of expert colleagues available for consultation, all students work directly (and only) with me. 


Menu of services and current pricing:


The Comprehensive


The Comprehensive usually starts second semester of junior year, carrying you through to the end of the college process. What makes you, you? Where will you flourish and thrive? What is your authentic narrative?


Super-personalized support is focused on (1) having a college list filled with schools you’d love to attend, (2) staying positive and committed to the process and (3) optionality, and could include all or most of the following, depending on student:


  • Overall timeline with milestones & assignments to keep student (and parents) on track

  • Assessments (personality, interest, aptitude) to dig deeper and assist with planning

  • Discernment of possible majors, career interests and overall life goals

  • Course selection and extracurricular guidance for both school year and summer

  • Evaluation of need / strategy for standardized testing (ACT/SAT), timing and test prep referrals

  • Researching and identifying right-fit colleges in collaboration with student and parents

  • Creating a personalized college list based on interest, academics, culture, community, financial fit and future goals

  • Recommendations and resources for campus visits, including tours, meeting current students and professors, trip logistics

  • Interview prep

  • Creating a resume highlighting academics, work and volunteer experience, skills and strengths

  • Help with asking for personalized teacher and counselor recommendations

  • All aspects of applications: support with essays, extracurriculars, additional questions

  • Review of applications “wearing my college admissions hat” (how will your application be received in the admissions office?)

  • Assistance with making final decision about which college to attend, including comparisons of academics, majors and financial aid packages


Average number of hours dedicated to your student: 50-60


$8,000 (domestic students)

Ask about international student fee


The Comprehensive for Athletes

Getting recruited is not just about your skill on the field or court – colleges are looking for the “total package” in their student-athletes.


The Comprehensive for Athletes provides additional support for getting organized, planning ahead for showcases and ID camps, and sharing your academic side with college coaches. (And don’t forget that you still have to submit an application, just like everyone else!)


While the process varies by sport and school, having ONWARD + UPWARD by your side throughout the process will keep you on track and focused.


This process generally starts during your student’s sophomore year.


$9,000 (domestic students)


Sophomore Add-on

Need a little more guidance, a little sooner? I’m happy to start working with your student sophomore year. We'll talk about course selection, summer activities & jobs, testing give your child a realistic sense of the college process.



Thinking about what comes after high school? By this point, your child has already gotten to know me as a trusted adult (who’s not their parent).


The Transitions package provides additional guidance for the big transition from high school to college and could include help with course & major selection, housing options, college social life, logistics of getting to and from school, setting expectations, time management in college, understanding resources available in college including academic support – everything that comes AFTER your student has made a college match. (Specifics will depend on student and their personal journey.)


Average number of hours dedicated to your student: 5-10




Hourly Consulting

If hourly assistance sounds more appropriate for you, let’s talk. Hourly clients commit to a minimum of 4 hours. Payment requested before we meet. 


Hourly counseling could be appropriate for

  • Developing a resume

  • Scholarship application prep

  • Minor essay editing, revision and “last set of eyes”

  • Final Common App or UC app review before pressing send

  • Foundational athletic recruitment advising, including process overview and timing

  • “Parent to parent” conversations / reality checks

  • Transferring 

Hourly rate: $400/hour 


Senior Essentials

It’s the summer before senior year and you’ve JUST started thinking about college? This one’s for you. This package crunches most of The Comprehensive’s services into a super-tight timeline – there’s just as much to do, but not much time to do it! (But never fear, it will get done.) Eliminate guesswork, address challenges, accentuate the positive – and meet your deadlines.


We’ll generally start working together the summer before senior year.


Average number of hours dedicated to your student: 



$7,000 (domestic students) - subject to availability


The Write Stuff

Essays only – Common App personal statement, supplementary essays, plus any other essays needed for your applications.

We’ll generally start working together the summer before senior year.


Average number of hours dedicated to your student: 25-35


$6,000 (domestic students) - subject to availability


California Dreaming

(UC/CSU only)

Ask about this package if you are planning to stay in California for college. As a former Cal reader, I know what the UC's expect on an application.


Freshman Add-on

Already thinking about college? I’ve got you.


Early Bird (8th Grade)

Just want to start the conversation or wondering how your high school selection might factor into the college process? Let’s chat. The Early Bird package gives your student a strong foundation and helps to get them excited about high school (and the eventual college process) while keeping stress at bay. Tailored to each student but could include:


  • Guidance for course selection in their new high school environment

  • Assessments (interest, learning style, personality) to give your student self-knowledge and self-assurance as they enter high school

  • Exploration of extracurricular, volunteer and work experiences that match their interests and strengths – or a gentle push to explore something totally new!

  • Time management skills for high school life

  • Self-advocacy skills

  • Encouragement to be curious & try new things, more deeply explore existing interests and contribute to school (and broader) community as a maturing teen



Happy outcomes!

We can’t recommend Ann enough. We’d struggled as a family to start the college application process, and Ann stepped in and made it a positive and rewarding experience. She was a neutral party who listened to both what our son and what we as parents wanted. She helped him (and us) with selecting schools that would fit both what he was looking for in a school and his academic record. She also guided him through the application process, first coaching him though his essay, making sure it was his voice, then through his first applications on Common App, teaching him the process so that he could complete the rest of his applications on his own.


Most importantly, Ann was our son’s cheerleader and advocate, encouraging him every step of the way, and making sure we all had a positive attitude. She worked directly with my son and kept us informed of what they were doing, making sure that he owned his path to college. Her knowledge of the vast breadth of universities and colleges helped him narrow down to a realistic list of schools, and he is now faced with the wonderful dilemma of choosing between several schools that he loves. We are grateful for her hard work helping our son start off his college years at a wonderful school that fits his needs and wants.


- Parent of senior boy, Southern California


Onward + Upward

Ready to get started? Let’s go (to college)!

Signed contract and payment required to begin work –

thank you.

~ SCROLL DOWN for additional resources, contract, college visits and college admits ~


Helpful Resources


The Fiske Guide to Colleges - by Edward B. Fiske (purchase the most recent edition)

Where You Go Is Not Who You'll Be: An Antidote to the College Admissions Mania - by Frank Bruni (2015)

Who Gets In and Why: A Year Inside College Admissions - by Jeffrey Selingo (2020)

Other worthy information about the college admissions process:

How to Raise an Adult: Break Free of the Overparenting Trap and Prepare Your Kid for Success - by Julie Lythcott-Haims (2015)

Colleges That Change Lives: 40 Schools That Will Change the Way You Think about Colleges - by Loren Pope (2012)

CTCL Website -

The Years that Matter Most: How College Makes or Breaks Us - by Paul Tough (2019)

The Real World of College - by Wendy Fischman & Howard Gardner (2022)

Erasing the Finish Line - by Ana Homayoun (2023)

171 Answers to the Most-Asked College Admission Questions - by Mark Stucker (2017)

WOW Writing Workshop: How to Write an Effective College Application Essay - by Kim Lifton & Susan Knoppow (2018)

50 Successful Swarthmore Application Essays - by William Han & Sean Cheng (2020)

The Hidden Ivies: 63 of America's Top Liberal Arts Colleges and Universities - by Howard Greene & Matthew Greene (2016)

The College Finder: Choose the School That's Right for You! - by Steven R. Antonoff (2008)

College Match: A Blueprint for Choosing the Best School for You - by Steven R. Antonoff (2019)

Admission Matters: What Students and Parents Need to Know about Getting into College - by Sally Springer, Jon Reider & Joyce Vining Morgan (2017)

Generation Z Goes to College - by Corey Seemiller and Meghan Grace (2016)

Helpful websites: 

College Essay Guy -

(check out his podcast)

Campus Pride -

Public Honors Colleges -

Public Liberal Arts Colleges -

Tutoring, including SAT/ACT prep:

Mindful Tutor -

Applerouth -

Compass -

Khan Academy (FREE!) - 

The Power of Three

I'm proud to be part of TRIO, a college counseling collective, which gives my students access to the additional expertise of Erin Gordon Grady and Kathryn Crosby, both based in Southern California. Our complementary skill sets provide the most full-bodied advice to our clients. While your student will work only with me as lead counselor, behind the scenes there is consultation and data sharing to produce optimal results.

Campus visits (sample list)

American University

Amherst College

Arizona State University

Atlantic Cape Community College

Bard College

Baylor University

Belmont University

Bennett College

Bob Jones University

Boston University

Bowdoin College

Brown University

Bryant University

Bryn Mawr College

Bucknell University

Cabrini University

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Cal State Channel Islands

Cal State Northridge

Carolina University

Case Western Reserve University

Cedar Crest College

Chapman University

The Citadel

City College of San Francisco

City of Glasgow College

Claremont McKenna College

Clemson University

Coastal Carolina University

Colgate University

College of Charleston

College of the Holy Cross

College of Marin

The College of William & Mary

The College of New Jersey

Colorado State University

Columbia College

Columbia University

Compton College

Concordia University Irvine

Connecticut College

Converse University

Cuesta College

Dartmouth College

Davidson College

Denison University

DeSales University

Dickinson College

Drew University

Drexel University

Duke University

El Camino College

Eastern University

Elon University

Endicott College

Fairleigh Dickinson University - Florham

Fisk University

Franklin & Marshall College

Furman University

George Washington University

Georgetown University

Gettysburg College

Glasgow Caledonian University

Goucher College

Greensboro College

Hamilton College

Hampden-Sydney College

Harvard University

Harvey Mudd College

Haverford College

High Point University

Hollins University

Immaculata University

James Madison University

Johns Hopkins University

Kenyon College

Lafayette College

Laney College

LaSalle University

Lehigh University

Liberty University

Lipscomb University

Longwood University

Los Angeles Harbor College

Loyola Marymount University

Loyola University Maryland

Mansfield University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Meredith College

Merritt College

Middlebury College

Moravian University

Muhlenberg College

New York University

North Carolina A&T

North Carolina State

North Carolina Wesleyan

Northeastern University

Northern Arizona University

Northwestern University

Notre Dame of Maryland University

Occidental College

Ohio State University

Oregon State University

Pacific Lutheran University

Pacific Oaks College

Penn State Brandywine

Penn State Lehigh Valley

Pitzer College

Pomona College

Princeton University

Providence College

Rider University

Roanoke College

Rowan University

Rhode Island School of Design

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Rutgers University

Sacramento State University

Sacred Heart University

Saint Elizabeth University

Salem College

San Diego State University

San Francisco State University

San Jose State University

Santa Ana College

Santa Barbara City College

Santa Clara University

Santa Monica College

Scripps College

Skyline College

Soka University

Sonoma State University

Southern Methodist University

Southern Wesleyan University

Stanford University

Stonehill College

Swarthmore College

Temple University

Texas Christian University

Towson University

Tufts University

Tulane University

UC Berkeley

UC Davis

UC Irvine

UC San Diego

UC Santa Barbara

UC Santa Cruz


University of Aberdeen

The University of Chicago

University of Colorado Boulder

University of Delaware

University of Edinburgh

University of Glasgow

University of Maryland

University of Nebraska

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

University of North Carolina - Charlotte

University of North Carolina - Greensboro

University of North Carolina School of the Arts

University of Northern Colorado

University of Oregon

University of Pennsylvania

University of Puget Sound

University of Richmond

University of San Diego

University of San Francisco

University of South Carolina

University of Southern California

University of St. Andrew's

University of Strathclyde

University of Texas at Austin

University of Utah

University of Virginia

Ursinus College

Vanderbilt University

Vassar College

Villanova University

Virginia Military Institute

Virginia Tech

Wake Forest University

Washington College (Maryland)

Washington and Lee University

Wesleyan University

West LA College

Westminster University

Westmont College

Widener University

Williams College

Winthrop University

Wofford College

Yale University

Students admitted (sample list)

American University

Appalachian State University

Arizona State University

Belmont University

Boise State

Bucknell University

Cal Poly Pomona

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Cal State Bakersfield

Cal State Channel Islands

Cal State Fullerton

Cal State Los Angeles

Cal State Monterey Bay

Cal State Northridge

Cal State San Marcos

California Lutheran University

Chapman University

Chico State

Colgate University

Colorado State University

Concordia University

Creighton University

DePaul University

DIS Study Abroad - Copenhagen, Denmark

Dominican University

Drew University

Drexel University

Emerson College

Endicott College

Fordham University

Fresno State

George Fox University

Gonzaga University

Hamilton College

Haverford College

High Point University

Imperial College, London - UK

Ithaca College

King's College, London - UK

Lewis & Clark College

Linfield College

Long Beach State

Loyola University, Chicago

Loyola Marymount University

Macalester College

Marquette University

Miami University of Ohio

Mississippi State University

Montana State University

Northeastern University

Northeastern University London

Northwestern University

Oregon State University

Penn State

Pepperdine University

Portland State University

Regis University

Roanoke College

Sacramento State

Saint Louis University - Madrid

Saint Mary's College

San Diego State University

San Francisco State University

San Jose State University

Santa Clara University

Scripps College

Seattle University

Simmons University

Southern Methodist University (SMU)

Sonoma State University

Southern Oregon University

Stanford University

Stetson University

Swarthmore College

Temple University

Texas Christian University

Trinity College

Tufts University

Tulane University

UC Berkeley

UC Davis

UC Irvine


UC Merced

UC Riverside

UC San Diego

UC Santa Barbara

UC Santa Cruz

Union College

University College, London - UK

University of Alabama

University of Arizona

University of Chicago

University of Colorado - Boulder

University of Denver

University of Edinburgh - Scotland

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

University of Iowa

University of London - UK

University of Miami

University of Mississippi - Ole Miss

University of Montana

University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)

University of New Mexico

University of Oklahoma

University of Oregon

University of San Diego

University of San Francisco

University of South Carolina

University of Southern California

University of St. Andrew's - Scotland

University of Vermont

University of Waterloo

University of Wisconsin

University of Wyoming

Ursinus College

Wake Forest University

Washington College

Washington University - St. Louis

Washington and Lee University

Washington State University

Western Oregon University

Westminster University

Whittier College


ONWARD + UPWARD College Admissions Consulting – Service Agreement


Thank you for selecting ONWARD + UPWARD for your college advising services.

This Service Agreement outlines the professional relationship between clients and consultant (commonly referred to as “counselor”) and sets forth the scope, terms and conditions of your engagement of college counseling and advising services provided by ONWARD + UPWARD.


Student name: ______________________________________________

High school graduation year: __________________________________


Counselor’s responsibilities may include:

  • Initial consultation with student and parent to discuss overall college planning, admissions expectations and timelines

  • Review of student’s educational profile, including GPA, coursework, standardized test scores, co-curriculars, relevant diagnoses and career/behavioral assessments for an informed opinion regarding college “fit”

  • Administration of personality, aptitude, value and interest assessments to guide college planning and self-discovery

  • Guidance for choosing high school courses and/or pathways

  • Overview of college entrance exams, testing schedule and referrals to test preparation resources

  • Advising on how to research potential colleges and degree programs by navigating college websites, identifying pertinent information, and forming educated opinions about suitability

  • Developing a customized college list based on student interests, skills, future goals, financial considerations and counselor knowledge of available programs, colleges, and higher education opportunities

  • Essay brainstorming, drafting and strategy approaches to writing original essays, review and editing

  • Keeping parents/guardians informed of student progress

  • Exploring student interests, majors and careers during scheduled meetings

  • Preparing the student to complete college applications

  • Guiding students to develop a college resume to represent co-curriculars, awards, volunteer and work experience in a way that is engaging and revealing about the student’s strengths and contributions

  • Helping the student to reflect upon prior experiences as related to applying to colleges, writing essays, and making a final decision for attendance

  • General information about financial aid resources and attention to financial considerations

  • Recommendations and tools to maximize college visits

  • Assistance with final school choice

  • Support for transition to college, choosing coursework, considering majors and minors

  • Maintaining membership in and abiding by the highest ethical standards set by the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA)


Counselor’s responsibilities do not include:

  • Guarantee of admission to or satisfaction with choice of or experience at a particular college, university or program

  • For student athletes, guarantee of athletic recruitment or scholarship offers at any university or a particular college

  • Serving as an athletic scout or recruitment coach for any sport

  • Contacting universities or its employees on behalf of a specific student/family and/or imposing undue pressure on schools for acceptance

  • Writing essays or filling out applications on behalf of the student

  • Filling out school counselor or teacher recommendation forms

  • Placing undue pressure on the student to complete assignments, initiate contact with schools or coaches (when applicable), or choose a particular major or college


Student’s and family’s responsibilities include:

  • Sharing all relevant educational records

  • Utilizing counselor’s online personalized student college application management program for primary written communication and documentation of work with counselor

  • Attending scheduled meetings and meeting agreed-upon deadlines

  • Securing school records, test scores, academic and personal recommendations, and forwarding them to colleges using the method preferred by the college and/or student’s high school

  • Working with your school counselor in a positive and proactive manner, responding to all requests for information by school-mandated due dates

  • Completing applications, essays and portfolios (when applicable) after review with counselor in a timely manner

  • Providing honest and accurate application information

  • Completing and submitting all financial aid forms for colleges, seeking guidance from an accountant or other finance expert when needed

  • Scheduling college visits and interviews

  • Notifying counselor and colleges of any decisions to accept or decline offers of admission


We are fully committed to your student for the duration of our consulting relationship. Thank you for your family’s commitment to the college process.

Payment Agreement


In order to begin services, client must submit a deposit of 50% of the total package fee

at the time the Service Agreement is signed and returned. (Upfront payment in full is fine as well.)

If the hourly services are agreed upon, a deposit equivalent to 4 hours of payment is due at the time the Service Agreement is signed and returned. Additional payments on packages and hourly fees must be received within 7 business days from the dated invoice in order for the student to continue receiving services. Invoices for second payment will be issued on August 1st, before senior year begins.


Note: Canceling or missing an appointment without a minimum of 24 hours advance notification may result in an additional $100 charge to the client. Frequently missed appointments may be considered a breach of contract.


ONWARD + UPWARD College Admissions Consulting agrees to keep all personal, academic, medical and financial information concerning the client or client’s family confidential except in those cases in which the client’s or other’s welfare is at risk and/or the client’s parents/guardians approve the release of client data.


Service options:

  • The Comprehensive

  • The Comprehensive for Athletes

  • Senior Essentials

  • The Write Stuff

  • California Dreaming (UC and CSU only)

  • Sophomore Add-on

  • Freshman Add-on

  • Early Bird (8th grade)

  • Transitions (post-HS)

  • Hourly Consulting


ACCEPTED Date: __________


Client: Parent(s) names – printed & signature



Client: Student name – printed & signature



Consultant: Ann Bartron Morris

ONWARD + UPWARD College Admissions Consulting

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